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Japanese Diet Food – Healthy Eating Made Easy 

Posted by antony on Tuesday, 26 April, 2011 


While culture is quickly surrounded with an abundance of ready to eat foods and calorie-laden fast food meals, we expect more obesity or poor health because of these unhealthy food options. While concerns about the health of diabetes and others are increasing in many countries, the Japanese were able to maintain good general health, because of their meals carefully prepared homemade or the many healthy options available to them in pubs and restaurants.

If you are on a diet, or just on the track of a healthy lifestyle, a good alternative would be to explore the food of the Japanese diet. Although a good number of Japanese dishes are noodles or rice as a component, which we know are carbohydrates, it should be noted that many of their products use healthy ingredients – vegetables, soy and a lot of seafood.

The Japanese diet is very different from  usual western food diets.  To start with it is not boring like some foods we are familiar with. Most ordinary Japanese food, is attractive for both the sense of sight and taste. The ingredients that make up a plate of delicious Japanese diet are also those which prove to be healthy. Among the many healthy foods that are embedded in Japanese cuisine are fish, squid, shrimp and eel.

Algae or seaweed (Nori),  is used in many popular Japanese dishes and recipes like Sushi, miso soup, Onigiri rice balls, etc. The popular dish,  Sushi, – is one of Japan's healthiest foods. It is a source of food for most minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and selenium, vitamin A, C and protein.  It ‘s a good source of vitamin B13 as well. Highly nutritious beef and pork are also a big part of the Japanese diet, altho not consumed nearly on the scale of the western diet. 

 Miso is also a common ingredient and very healthy. It is made from soybeans which are also rich in protein. Sato-imo is another. The are country potatoes, or wild potatoes, or potato magic “for most of us. Studies reveal that they are rich in hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is produced when one is young and keeps us healthier and less prone to the “diseases of aging"  Because this substance decreases with age we can slow down this condition by consuming more Sato-imo.

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    1. Thanks... I haven't posted anything new lately as I am living in Thailand now... but I will begin updating soon...

  2. I also love Japanese food for its flavor, presentation and nutritious benefits. You are right Nori and Miso, which are Japanese staple foods are very rich in minerals and vitamins. When I went on a 3 Day Military diet to quickly lose 5 pounds for an upcoming wedding of my best friend, I substituted some food with raw sushis and rolls to make the diet interesting. Just don't put condiments on it and you'll be fine. I also ate a lot of lean meat and salads and if you need to find out more, here's a quick link http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/diet-plan/military-diet-day-2.html

    1. Thanks Julie... for your kind words and advice... I will check out the link you posted.. I'm always interested in new things..